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Welcome to the Gamma Phi Beta chapter at the University of Southern California! I am delighted you are here and get to see how Gamma Phi Beta is a community that loves and supports each other in any and all endeavors. Please feel free to explore our website and get to know more about our wonderful, talented and unique sisterhood!


Coming to USC from a small town in Texas, I was excited to experience a new city and new people. Gamma Phi Beta came right along side me in a huge transition point in my life and it has been the biggest blessing.


Being in this sorority has taught me to believe in myself and my leadership. I have been empowered to do so many amazing things by the women in this sorority (whether that be applying for a job that I may not feel qualified for or trying a new restaurant or workout class). I do not believe I would have accomplished or experienced nearly as much as I have if it were not for this organization.


Our Beta Alpha chapter here at USC consists of a wide range of backgrounds. My sisters’ academic pursuits are diverse and empowering, ranging from sociology, to biomedical engineering, to cinema and media studies and beyond. Our passions and motivations outside the classroom are equally as diverse, from competitive sports, to creative artistic expression, to community service and volunteering. But what we all have in common is not that we are women or that we go to USC, but that we take pride in our ability to love and support other women.


It is an honor to represent this chapter, a house that is rich with tradition and loves steadfastly. I am so proud to be a member of Gamma Phi Beta and all of the excitement it exudes.


Please continue exploring our website and social media to understand a little bit of the reason why!


Love in IIKE,


Olivia Coffey

Chapter President